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Coach Robert Strauss Swiminar

  • Welcome to this innovative way of accessing our program and thank you for your support, it’s through educational efforts like this that we will eradicate accidental drownings from our communities. Please, pay for the Coach Robert Strauss Swiminar $5USD per class weekly at 8PM Eastern Time on Tuesdays in English; or prepay only $15 for 5 sessions. Once you pay, a link will be automatically generated for entry to Google Meet, you’ll receive instant confirmation on your screen in the form below and via email.
  • While you are in the session, we track attendance, if you respect intellectual property, kindly do not share your link with anyone. If you choose to share the link, everyone with duplicate shares will be removed from the lecture.
  • If you chose to purchase the 5 sessions, save the link, it will be the same each time, and in the event that you are not able to attend, you will be able to attend the following week.  We have exciting lectures weekly.
  • Bienvenidos a esta manera innovativa de acceso a nuestro programa y gracias por tu apoyo, es a través de esfuerzos educativos como este, la forma en la que erradicaremos el ahogamiento accidental de nuestras comunidades. Por favor, paga por el Swiminario del Profesor Robert Strauss $5 US por sesión, los miércoles a las 8PM hora de Miami en español; o prepaga solo $15 US por 5 sesiones. Una vez pagado, se genera automáticamente un link para entrada a Google Meet, y recibirás la confirmación del pago de inmediato en tu pantalla en la forma abajo en tu pantalla y por email. Durante los primeros minutos del curso, tomamos asistencia, si respetas la propiedad intelectual, te pedimos que no compartas tu link con ninguna persona**.
  • Si eliges compartir el link, todos los duplicados serán expulsados de la sesión.
  • Si escogiste el especial de 5 sesiones o de 20 sesiones, guarda el link, será el mismo cada vez; en el caso que no puedas asistir, puedes asistir al que le sigue la semana entrante.  Nosotros tomamos asistencia durante la conferencia.
Current Schedule of Classes
Date/Fecha English Tuesdays -8 pm Español- Miércoles 8 pm
9/22, 23 Importance and transcendence of our teachings Importancia y trascendencia de nuestras enseñanzas
9/29, 30 Discover Swimming before 5 Descubre la Natación antes de los 5
10/6, 7 Human Links Vínculos Humanos
10/13, 14 Daily structure of the weekly class Estructura de la Clase Semanal
10/20, 21 Special Populations in the water Poblaciones Especiales en el agua
10/27, 28 Skill Aquisition – Class of the Week Adquisición de Habilidades – Clase de la semana
11/3, 4 Discover Swimming after 6 Descubre la Natación después de los 6
11/10, 11 Aquatic Adventures Aventuras Acuáticas
11/17, 18 Letters of the Strokes Las Letras de los Estilos
12/1/, 2 Importance of Baby Swimming Importancia de la Natación para un bebé
12/8, 9 Crossing the bridge from Naivetè to Aquatic Safety Cruzar el puente de la Naivetè a la Seguridad Acuática
12/15, 16 Basics in Swimming Education Enseñanza Básica de la Natación
12/22, 23 Teach to train counting strokes Enseñar a Entrenar contando brazadas
12/29, 30 Teacher training at Swim Gym Preparación de instructores Swim Gym
1/5, 6 Assist children 3 to 5 to discover swimming* Asistir niños de 3 a 5 a descubrir la natación
1/12, 13 Teaching Swimming in Century XXI Enseñar natación en el S. XXI
1/19, 20 Phobia to Water, a Paradigm in C. XXI Fobia al Agua, un Paradigma del S. XXI
1/26, 27 Breathing First La Respiración Primero
2/2, 3 Friendly Environment Entorno Amistoso
2/9, 10 Open Water Aquas Abiertas


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Over 50,000 Swimmers Taught since 1984, with a mission “to eradicate or reduce statistics of death by accidental drowning through education.”

We are very excited to announce that The International Swimming Hall of Fame has named Coach Robert Strauss as the 2019 recipient of the Virginia Newman Award which is given for outstanding contributions, leadership, achievement, and dedication to swim teachers that work with children and infants.  The ceremony will take place at the International Swimming Hall of Fame May 17, 2019!!! What an Honor!!!

Since its inception in 1984, swim gym has been recognized, around the world, as a leader in the field of aquatic education. Coach Robert Strauss, director of Swim Gym, has taught in Miami, Florida since 1973.  By summer 2018 more than 60,000 students, from 3 months to 80+ years old, 90% non-swimmers when they first started their lessons, became safer, stronger and more competent in the pool and in the ocean. Coach Strauss’ experience is clearly reflected by every teacher trained with swim gym innovative cutting edge techniques; everyone has the passion and excitement required in a program  in which the progress of every participant is measurable. Every staff member will create a friendly environment for their students, using pedagogical sound teaching practices that result in a successful swimming experience. Regardless of age, from infants to senior citizens, everyone walks away with safety, fitness, friends and fun!

  • Values:
    To respect and cooperate with all around you. The success of the program is everyone’s job. Please and thank you – “The magic words.”
  • Vision:
    Make swim gym a place to grow and learn about safety in the water; people of all ages become strong swimmers and take that experience to the wide world of aquatic sports.
  • Mission:
    To eradicate or reduce statistics of death by accidental drowning through education.
  • Objectives:
    Every person in or around water must be Water Wise, the decision to enter a body of water must come after the knowledge of an exit plan.  Water wise people are able to maintain an accident free, friendly environment and in this light, can contribute to our mission.

Our Team

Our Team

Robert Strauss
Robert StraussFounder
Robert Strauss M. Ed. U of Miami ’77. Lectured around the globe since 1979. Founder of Swim Gym™ Swim School in Miami, Florida. Since 1983 more than 40,000 Water Wise students, of all ages, recreational and competitive, have been motivated to reach their potential in a variety of aquatic programs. Strong advocate to teach people to swim for life, not for their lives. Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German. 1972 Olympian (Mexican National Team).

Robert Strauss authored “Discover Swimming: From A to…Swim” and hosts the Swim Gym “Swiminar”


“Coach A” is a certified USA Swimming Coach and American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) International Level 5, School Level 5 and Disability. Alfredo was the former Coach of the Venezuelan Swimming National team for over 10 years. He was part of both Olympics programs in London 2012 and Rio 2016. During his career as a Coach for Venezuela, he attended several Championships meets like: 2 World Jr. Championships in 2008 & 2017, 4 Central American Championships, 4 South American Championships, 1 Pan-Am Games, 2016 ASCA World Clinic, 2017 Arena Pro Series, 2018 TYR Pro Series.

“Coach D” is a certified Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard/First-Aid. Expert Sports Professional and Swimming Coach with more than 15 years of experience in and out of the water. Dario was swimming team coach of the state of Zulia in Venezuela and coach responsible for one of the universities of the same state, both teams, of the students and the professors team. His main objective is to continue growing up as a professional, training and certifying to continue providing the best of him.

Jaclyn grew up in Miami, FL.  In 2018, she completed her Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University with a major in Physical Education- Sports and Fitness. She grew up an avid multi-sport athlete and started working with Swim Gym in 2014.  She was previously a two time JCC Maccabi athlete, and has been involved in JCC summer camp her whole life. She is Lifeguard/ First-Aid and Water Safety Instructor certified.  She loves that she is able to make a difference in a child’s life and save a life, one swim lesson at a time!  Jaclyn has always had a love for the water so it is only fitting to teach one to swim.



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