Group Swim Lessons

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Guppies – Turning 3’s: 

This class is for the precocious and daring toddler that can safely remain in the class without mommy or daddy. The child has advanced language skills and has been in our program at least 3 seasons. At the end of this class, the child has successfully gained enough strength and coordination to take a  independent breath in the water. (3-4 students with one instructor)

Tiny Minnows:

This exciting group enables children to swim independently from the parent. The swim instructor understands that children are just learning to take turns, share toys, and demonstrate skills in a fun loving environment filled with many “High Fives.” Students are exposed to essential safety skills: jumping, diving, dog paddling, crawl, floating, swimming to the bottom, and swimming on their back. You’ll love the “dolphin” and “froggy” strokes too!


Tumbling Minnows – 3 and 4 Year-Old:

Ready for kindergarten and first grade, children learn safety and fun skills as well as real stroke technique. These children learn to love swimming with the fun and games of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly lessons. Seeing such skill develop at this age is amazing.



Acrobatic Sharks – 5 and 6 Year-Old:

These children have grown with their group of swimming “friends.” Now, they have a great time every season until they are ready to join a Swim Team or continue to swim for fitness. At this level, swimmers advance significantly in diving, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and turning techniques. We adapt classes for beginner, intermediate, and more advanced swimmers.

Soaring Dolphins – 6 and Older:

Cross Training and Fitness meet the water.  By this age, students have learned to swim and realize that swimming is important as a form of fitness.  Refinement of stroke technique will exist however, this program is designed to develop overall fitness and coordination for swimmers.  The class will consist of an uptempo and fun non competitive fitness class that will surely keep kids into staying fit and healthy.


Strokin Seals – Stroke School:

At this level, the swimmers work on stroke technique. They work on turns including flip and proper turns for each stroke.