Coach Robert Strauss is the author of:

– Pay Attention and Swim Gently FAST (Not Hard) DISCOVER SWIMMING from A to… SWIM

Aquatic RS Swiminar® for Adult Swimmers 19 & older who are interested in freestyle, open water freestyle, other styles.

-Limited space, MAX 12 swimmers can register.   Lunch included.

-Innovative cutting-edge teaching techniques that work in an “aquatic education” packed day.
-Interactive lecture with Q & A open all day long
-Explanations, demonstrations and corrections / feedback

-Breathing First: nose protection. Improve your breathing and learn to: ‘rest while  you swim’, and maintain your pace.
-Body Education for Balance:  flotation drills, including the world famous ‘Letters of the Strokes’
– Sculling: learn to touch the water – Bernoulli (create lift – eliminate drag) or Newton (action – reaction in opposite direction)
—– Toward head on belly (3 positions)
—– Toward head on back (2 position)
—– Toward feet on belly (1 position)
—– Toward feet on back (2 positions)
—– Vertical (2 positions)

Biomechanics:  Stroke count
-Freestyle – Backstroke
—–Long axis strokes: rotational drills
—–Open turn and Flip turn (if requested)
-Breaststroke – Butterfly
—–Short axis strokes: teeter/totter drills
—–Open turn
– Open Water Specifics
—–Breathing & Sighting
—–Drafting & Turning at Buoys
-Personalized videotaping and critique: see yourself above water and under water

Applied Physiology to the Methodology of Training:
—–The Gears: from Distance Per Stroke to Sprint
—–How to train each gear: how long, how fast, how much rest
—–Applying stroke count to training intensities: Importance of resting intervals

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This book provides technical and education training for swimmers, teachers and coaches.  Coach Strauss shares his innovative teaching philosophy and cutting-edge training techniques. 



Robert Strauss M. Ed. U of Miami ’77. Lectured around the globe since 1979.  Founder of Swim Gym™ Swim School in Miami, Florida.  Since 1983 more than 40,000 Water Wise students,  of all ages, recreational and competitive, have been motivated to reach their potential in a variety of aquatic programs.   Strong advocate to teach people to swim for life, not for their lives.  Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German.  1972 Olympian (Mexican National Team).

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