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“Winning is about learning to push yourself to the limit; Winners have goals, they are part of the solution, they have a plan, they see the light at the end of the tunnel, winners say, “It may be very difficult, but it is possible.”

Swim Gym’s Swim Team

Welcome to Swim Gym, Home of the Swim Gym Swim Team. In our program we want everyone independently of age, background or ability to have a great swimming experience. When you become our student, in the art form of swimming, you train to race, or to be fit, and we will assist you to reach your potential, every step of the way. Our proven drills will develop your skills in the four competitive styles, when this is accomplished, you will be ready to focus on competition goals! Each child needs to be evaluated before they can become an official member of the SWIMGYM SWIM TEAM!

Swim Team Information: 



About our Swim Team
Swimming is the best lifetime carry-over sport of all. People who swim three times per week are very fit; but elite competitive swimming is for the very few! Everyone’s cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility benefit from competitive swimming exercises. People talk about swim team participation, but many children shy away because they do not care for competition. Whether from our emphasis or from wide media coverage of professional sports, many children perceive parental expectations based on the adults’ need to win. If you lose, oh, oooh! However, Swim Gym balances the need to compete with a healthy perspective on its importance. Because periodic performance assessment to evaluate swimming improvement must be done, we created Day at the Races, an internal “Our Team Only” event. Swimmers do timed demonstrations of strokes they practiced during the previous six to ten weeks. All advanced and beginner swimmers are encouraged to attend. Beginners learn from more advanced counterparts, while role-modeling advanced swimmers display leadership skills to younger or less experienced team members. Parents are encouraged to attend (with their video camera) to watch the children. As parents time and officiate, racing dives quickly improve and open turns and flip turns become smooth. In short, the styles start to look like the “Olympics.” Often, young swimmers decide they do want to race in bigger races for which they need to train harder.Dear Parents, Please visit the site that this link takes you to… It is literally the best way we can help your child; probably it is the best way you can help me to help your child, because the more you know about swimming the better you can point me in the direction that will take your child where he/she wants to go. We are not here to make Olympic Dreams, but if anyone has an Olympic Dream we want to guide them as close as we can to make it come true, beyond a ‘Birthday Wish’
Coach R. Strauss.